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West Bengal Police Recruitment Board

The West Bengal Police Recruitment Board was formed in line with the recommendations of National Police Mission by the Government of West Bengal in July, 2010 vide Resolution No. 2624-PL of Home (Police) Department, Government of West Bengal to ensure ‘Transparent Recruitment Process’.

Accordingly, the West Bengal Police Recruitment Board was asked to induct into the police force individuals best suited for the job based on a fair, impartial, transparent, objective, tamper proof, scientific and merit-based recruitment process involving modern technology. Initially, the Board was given responsibility only for the recruitment of Constables in West Bengal Police. Later, the Government has given the responsibility of recruitment to the post of Sub-Inspector/Lady Sub-Inspector of police and recruitment of Staff for others uniformed services like Directorate of Excise, Directorate of Correctional Administration, Forest Department, Department of Disaster Management & Civil Defence.

Earlier, till 2010, the recruitment of Policeman in West Bengal was being done from a very limited stock of the candidates sponsored through various employment exchanges located throughout the State. With the formation of this Board in 2010, the recruitment is now open to all the eligible candidates fulfilling the minimum required criteria in terms of age, educational qualification, minimum physical standard etc.

Since the creation of this Board, it has successfully conducted 20(twenty) recruitment drives and has recommended appointment of 42,697 number of candidate appointment to different posts.