BEWARE OF TOUTS AND JOB RACKETEERS TRYING TO DECEIVE BY FALSE PROMISES OF SECURING JOB IN WEST BENGAL POLICE RECRUITMENT BOARD EITHER THROUGH INFLUENCE OR BY USE OF UNFAIR MEANS. CANDIDATES ATTEMPTING UNFAIR MEANS SHALL BE DISQUALIFIED AND LEGAL ACTION SHALL BE TAKEN AGAINST THEM. **IMPORTANT** For any Notice/Information regarding recruitment should be authenticated from the official website of West Bengal Government only. Any Information/Notices being circulated in the social media regarding PRBs may please be ignored.

 Recruitment Notification:

 Tentative Dates:


Transparent Recruitment Process

The West Bengal Police Recruitment Board was formed in line with the recommendations of National Police Mission by the Government of West Bengal in July, 2010 vide Resolution No. 2624-PL of Home (Police) Department, Government of West Bengal to ensure Transparent Recruitment Process.